"But then I went over to his place and we discussed it further and that’s kind of when it happened [for good] -- it was in person.""It was very emotional," she adds. I could tell that he was emotional, but there wasn’t tears on his end."Stempfley claims the pair’s last romantic night out together was their one-year anniversary dinner on July 19, 2017, less than a month before she picked up her belongings, like kitchen appliances, hair brushes, and bathroom essentials, from his house. would become the season 22 "Backing up, I saw Arie's name being tossed around on Twitter, suggesting he should become the next Bachelor.

She says they even spent holidays together.“I attended all of his family holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas," she claims, adding that just within this year, she traveled with the reality star to three of his out-of-state races.“My family was head over heels about him," she shares.

"They thought he was very charming and very sweet and they really liked him.

[Arie and I] traveled together and I went to his races to support him.

And he also actually lived with me for a few months while he rented out his house back at the beginning of the year.""He typically rented it out during race season, so he was kind of gone a lot," she adds.

When ET asked Stempfley if any cheating was involved, she said, "I mean, I would hope not.""I’m not assuming anything, I just...

that’s all I know, is that at least on my end, yes, the relationship was monogamous," she explains. We made each other laugh and had just really a great relationship so I can’t complain there…

I don’t know what’s going to come about this season.

If this is what he wants and if he's determined for it to work, then I hope that it does for him.""[But] I don't want to sound like I’m bashing him," she continues.

The 26-year-old receptionist exclusively opened up to ET’s Katie Krause about her more than one-year relationship with 35-year-old Luyendyk Jr., their emotional breakup and the shocking casting news.

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"[He told me] that after a year of dating, his feelings should be stronger than they currently are."ET has reached out to ABC and Luyendyk Jr.