Compiled by Europol's EC3 cybercrime centre, together with Eurojust, NGOs, credit card and online giants such as Google and Microsoft, the report paints a disturbing picture of rising online child abuse.

The sale of child abuse live streams over legitimate chat sites or video chat apps is much harder to trace than when the abuse is sold from a website.

The other person can see you Name and Location of whatever you enter in your SKYPE profile.

Police and the private sector should monitor the Internet for the growth of alternative forms of payment "as a potential consequence of further migration from traditional payment systems to a new, largely unregulated digital economy," Europol said.

Over the past few years, the messaging and video-calling app has added a host of new features that make it one of the best in the business.

And also to record who you thought would be attracted to you.

Now that latter question is the interesting one to ponder.

Remember, every building and street has been photographed and is viewable on where they deal with internet privacy and jeopardizing your life. This is just about your being in control and cognizant of what you’re doing. Those are what are wise choices for a complete stranger to see of your house before they have met you.

Choose your back drop and background with forethought. SKYPE is a great tool and huge break through for creating an additional layer of connect between singles at online dating sites.

Where else can you add up to 25 people on a single video call send files, photos, and videos of any size?

Plus, you can now Skype with friends and coworkers regardless of whether they, too, have an account.

Do not bring your laptop into your bedroom and SKYPE with your bed headboard showing behind you.

Additionally, you don’t want to SKYPE with your huge picture window showing the front of your neighbor’s house behind you.

Like using legitimate, mainstream chat sites to broadcast the abuse, payment using virtual currencies such as Bitcoin also makes the criminals harder to trace than if they were taking credit card payments.