During the early 1920s Terrot built JAP powered 350cc machines with 2 speed gearboxes.

Cheers, Jaime Jaime Kowan Vancouver British Columbia Canada Thu, Simonj.brooks at Terrot Not sure, think its a 1955 125 4 Stroke Hello I have recently purchased a small Terrot Single Cylinder M/C. The person I brought it from has aquired it at the Staffordshire Classic Bike show some 5 - 6 years ago. The frame number is 379811 (cast into the frame below the seat) and the number stamped on the front of the engine is 51 1052. Simon Brooks Derbyshire United Kingdom Mon, scottwilkerson41 at hotmail.comterrot 1958hi can you tell me which bike This petrol tank Belongs to Regards Scottscott wilkersonlondon United Kingdom Terrot-1958posted to Comments Tue Jun 13 2017Kitto528 at Terrot owners club Terrot Tenor Details about joining Terrot owners club I will be needing some parts and technical information about this motorcycle thanks Leicester UK Tue Jun 06 2017daviddarmour-shopping at uk Unknown Motorcycle Terrot 350 Standard I am trying to identify the motorcycle in this image.

1mage attached, I would like to get an age related plate for the bike but to do this I need to establish its age and model. Rider is my father and photo was taken early-mid 1930's.

France, Limoges Fri Feb 06 2009 iwalker at dandaradot com Decal set Terrot 1935 vm 98cc Hi , I am currently cleaning up a 1935 vm ( 98 cc ) and i would appreciate it if anyone could tell me where i can purchase the full decal set . Joe Boston, MA, USA August 2006 From a post in the forums...

Also the bike appears to be missing the clutch cover . Isle of man Try Wed Jan 09 2008 rikyp at spare parts terrot terrot lc 175 s 1925-1928 hallo i am looking for find a gearbox 3 speed for the bike above mentioned, can you give me some hope!! milano .italy Wed Oct 31 2007 bsa130 at hotmaildot com MOPED TERROT Hi I have just brought a terrot moped and would like as much info as possable please, the info which i have of the bike is: Moto bloc no, A10112, moteur moto bloc cyl 49cm type "50" no, 67920 DIJON LE 12-7-56 AND FRAME NO 746043. isle of wight Thu Jun 14 2007 larsbars77 at hotmaildot com enquiry of a price dijon type L. Bonjour, Je tache de rucupurer des photos de Terrot et Magnat Debon en tout genre.

I am desperately trying to track down a parts book / manual so I can learn more about my bike and track down parts.

It will of course be in French...worries with google translate.

I've just finished teh restauration and it seems tha t you donunt hav this model in your collection DK SKanderborg Wed Mar 14 2007 theblakes at dslextremedot com 1929 Terrot I would like to restore this cycle I just purchased. It did not come equipped with front or rear lights. Jean-luc Contact Jean-luc jldubato at tele2June 6th 2006 ...

I've enclosed some pics of a scooter I've just got my flippers on.

I know there were a couple of children's bikes built but according to pics I have this isn't one of them and I would love to find out more.

Dorset UK Fri Mar 04 2016at uktank decal Terrot 100cc step through The badge looks like the circular Terrot one in your picture gallery. Surrey Mon Jun 02 2014 sarahlou-446 at Frame number Terrot 1 ? I have recently bought a Terrot BMA 100cc that I understand is a 1938-9 model.

G 85771 R.colin A2 phares magnetipues Breuete depose France EL Elranger. i have been informed that there is only 5 of this type in the world and i was just wanting to know what it is worth. The cycle is 100% complete but has original tires that need replacement as well as kill switch, brake pads, grips and foot pegs. Surtout n'husitez pas u me contacter, qu'elles soient de bonne ou mauvaise qualitu. Ci-joint quelques exemple de ce que je voudrais faire. I would like to make an original "ducors" database (color, lines width, pattern, .....) Gazoline and oil tank, chain guard, .....