Like making a courteous reply to the already COMPLETED conversation. I actually contacted about this nonsense & got a long response about it all being for my protection and the "benefits" of care chat. I just wanted things to go back to the way they were & let me decide who to give my phone number to & who not to!!Every time someone else sends you any kind of message, or initiates a conversation in Care Chat, you MUST send a reply. When I started with back in May (I think) there was no problem sending prospective employers by cell phone number. What's next...they want an accounting of what I eat & drink during the day?????Also, be sure that you send a text acknowledgment every time there is any message in the system.

I tried giving my cell number several ways broken up.

In the end i could not respond that day & never heard back from them again.

Although Lovoo provides a free app, users pay for bonuses such as an option called "Top Chat".

Bild reports that the fake accounts were used to try and tempt men into handing out cash for these extras.

We simply exchanged personal e-mail addresses, and then phone numbers were exchanged through those. They re-rout your number so that it shows up as some random number that you cant call back. Care chat does work but it hangs up about 30 minutes in. Personally I don't like giving out my email because then I receive loads of junk mail, I use care chat for a quick phone interview and if we are proceeding to an interview or for the job I will then provide my number. They asked for a contact phone number, I have tried repeatedly to reply and it will not let the reply go thru.

will probably start blocking out personal email addresses next since they're trying to micromanage everything now. I also tried clicking on the call button and it would not work.Com so people don't have your personal phone number until you speak with them on Care CHAT:) I prefer this Chat system.I am having issues with the person asking for a phone interview without them ever posting a job so I have no info about them. And also now one potential job who insists they get my direct phone number and my references direct phone number.For a web site that used to work well, it's not helping me, for sure. We can use a cell phone to block those we don't want.I know, this new system interfered in a job postion..since i could not get care chat to work( i have been able another time).You must send a text message in this system after any phone connection, and you must answer every message within 24 hours, or you may lose care pro.