Whatever ;-) Anyway, I'll be waiting patiently with you. Caro Sep 30, 2011 PM caro46 wrote: No results yet... Still tough though to come to terms with hearing the 'cancer' word. We all know what you're going through, and are here to support you. I`ll write more soon, when I can make sense of all this Thanks for the supportcaro Oct 20, 2011 PM llm005 wrote: Oh crap. But as you know already from these boards, there is information, support, hope and community from the many of us in this club. I was also IDC grade 1, and relatively speaking, it's not as bad a diagnosis as it could have been. Not sure I want to call and try to speed things up Forever_Mummy: I hope youre right that theyre not in a rush... But it sounds like good news about your second opinion! I barely thought about my results and had lots of fun with my co-workers and lots of great new info for work!

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In 1993, an Ontario court ruled people of the same sex did not have the right to marriage each other.

Within a decade, however, the Ontario Court of Appeal reversed that decision.

I found the waiting for results the hardest part, just brutal. ) and at work that I almost forgot that I should get my results tomorrow... It takes several months to get results from the BRCA testing so unlikely you're surgery would be held off that long.

Just going through the waiting I am being told to just relax and not over react... I'm happy to share how it happened, when, too bad you never know for sure why, it could if not save then help someone. Carolyne, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for GOOD news. Life happens and I have soooo much stuff todeal with at home with the kids (3girls! Good night Oct 21, 2011 PM Kyta wrote: Which surgeon will you be seeing? Present diagnosis DCIS, high nuclear grade, ER-PR-.

Mine ae 14, 11 and 10 yra old and believe me teenage years with girls are very interresting! But just for a little while cause I do love my girls! I just thought I would at least get an appointment for when I come back.. I am going to see the surgeon on Nov 15th to discus surgery and also should get a call from Genetics .

Sep 29, 2011 PM caro46 wrote: And I wished I had boys... I called even tho I said I asn`t going to until I came back from my trip. We're you given a follow up appt to figure out next steps? Oct 20, 2011 PM caro46 wrote: Hi all, Thanks for your replies...

"To make sure that everybody — professors, staff, students —have a chance to direct this task force, to engage in this task force, and to really make sure we collectively come up with a set of recommendations and tools to combat rape culture on our campus." He said the task for has the support of more than 200 people both on and off campus. "We are united against the culture of rape that is happening, that is pervasive in our society and especially, as we've seen recently, on our campus," Wolfe said.

"This work happens on a day-to-day basis and it is not simply going to stop because the university has all of a sudden woken up to a PR nightmare." University of Ottawa president Allan Rock announced last week a new "Task Force on Respect and Equality" will report back in the fall with specific recommendations on how to promote respectful behaviour on campus.

I know it could be much worst and I will most likely be ok But I am now a Cancer patient and that`s a bit hard to deal with... ) Oct 20, 2011 PM Kyta wrote: Oh I'm sorry to hear that Caro.