The offender entered his son¹s room during sleepovers and molested the victims while they were sleeping.The offender currently has child support debt of about ,000 and owed child support at the time the passport was issued. If they didn't, they woudl not be driving around grabbing our children. citizen state-issued identification, then there's really very little "ethical" argument to be made. Generally speaking, your country should not be able to deny you exit or entry.

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There is also a 4yr old little girl that was raped by a man that was out on bond for a previous molestation.

I'm sorry but these individuals are sick if they can find pleasure in a child there is nothing we can do to change that. ) if you are attracted to men then you are attracted to me if you are attracted to women you are attracted to women and unfotunatedly and as sick as it is if you are attracted to kids then you are attracted to kids and you have something wrong in your head, you never fully grew up and never will you need to be lock away and have the keys put into a locked box and dropped into the deapest part of the ocean!

Otherwise, you are leaving out a lot of pertinent information that otherwise would make the issuance of passports to sex offenders a complete non-issue.

I am Eric Knight, media liaison for the Sex Offender Solutions and Education Network.

I simply know to allow for additional time in customs and adjust my flights accordingly.

As the State Department indicates there is no evidence to indicate that any of the SO’s in the case study used their passports for illegal activity; so there is no basis to revoke their passport or to deny a person a passport solely on the basis of being a registered sex offender.However, the bulk of now-substantial documentation have proven that the registered sex offenders who are off probation or parole, and have led lawful lives since their sentence was completed, have no inclination nor desire to reoffend.Unfortunately, laws that make it harder and harder for registered sex offenders to participate in society create danger in itself by injecting instability not just in their lives, but in the panic it sets off among non-sex offenders.According to the State Department, that number is "very misleading," considering sex offenders made up only a fraction of a percent of the 16 million passports that were issued during that period of time. Many of the offenders mentioned in the report had multiple sex offenses, and used their passports to travel to foreign countries known for sex tourism activity.This is one case study that GAO documented in its report: "In the early 2000s, the offender was convicted of two counts of unlawful sexual contact with a minor under 14 years old.The offender traveled to Mexico after receiving his passport." According to GAO, there is no sex offender registry in Mexico. I say we ban all sex offenders from getting or having drivers liscenses, we'll be much safer then. Further, for heavens sake, let them leave if they want to leave! It should be denied only in very limited circumstances. Although these crimes are extremely serious (in my opinion), they do not justify the removal of the right to a passport, because the mere fact that a former sex offender leaves the country does not suggest an imminent danger to a child or other person.