After having met several people, I realized the misconceptions we have about ourselves.

I know myself better now.” This is a powerful starting point for building a relationship with someone else.

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If loving, supportive, real-life relationships are what you seek, what takes place on the Internet can be the “virtual foreplay” to such wonderful connections.

Virtual Foreplay will show you how to look at the way you interact with others online and apply the interpersonal skills you hone there to all of your relationships, recreating in your daily life the depth and intimacy that you are enjoying online.

Online dating has many of the same elements that dating in the physical world has, but what is subtle or camouflaged with face-to-face dating is more likely “in your face” and explicit in online dating.

The anonymity online gives us a certain boldness that we may otherwise lack.

People online are often more blunt and to the point.

It is easier both to speak the truth and to tell lies when you aren’t looking another person in the eyes.As Julie, a 31-year-old woman, shares, “By dating online, I grew emotionally and learned more about myself through the process of having to describe myself to total strangers.This method of dating forced me to look at myself through other people’s eyes and I saw myself in a different light.As I recently read in a book, ‘I didn’t know I had that thought until I spoke it…’ or as I add—write it.Writing and speaking about oneself is necessary for self-growth.” will benefit not only those of you who are dating online, but also those who are curious about this phenomenon and want to know more, and those who are vicariously dating online via their friends’ shared e-mails and stories.Sylvia, 27, had a similar eye-opening experience dating online.