In August 1932, when Naomi was 18 and Sim 32, the couple married and, within a matter of weeks, the new Mrs Sim was pregnant.

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Intriguingly, Sim insisted as a child that he wanted to be a hypnotist. The fourth child of a prosperous Edinburgh tailor, Sim left school at 14 to work for his father, then enrolled at the city's university, before deciding he wanted to become an actor, then changing his mind again and opting to become a teacher instead.

Blessed with an exceptional speaking voice, he was appointed Fulton Lecturer in Elocution at Edinburgh University in 1925, and shortly afterwards founded his own school of drama and speech training.

The stark reality is that the 5ft 11in Sim, who died in 1976 at the age of 75, had a good deal to hide.

What his friends may have seen as 'no more than innocent kindness' towards the impressionable boys and girls with whom he surrounded himself could well have been misinterpreted - and destroyed him.

But when she was 16, Naomi followed Sim to London, where he had decided to try his luck as an actor.

Her mother came, too, and the three set up in a small furnished flat in Golders Green.With his bald head, pouchy deep-set eyes and lugubrious face, Alastair Sim was one of the film legends of the Fifties, the star of Scrooge as well as the first, and best, St Trinian's comedy - in which he played not only the school's headmistress, but also her scheming brother.Capable of being creepy and comic at the same time, Sim came to epitomise the eccentric British buffoon for a generation of cinema-goers: a man forever bewildered as fate dealt him one cruel blow after another, but whom it was impossible not to like.But the actor's friends dismissed this as 'nonsense'.Cole, who is now 83, merely describes his mentor as 'deeply caring'; while the TV producer and director John Howard Davies - who appeared as Oliver Twist in David Lean's famous film - suggests that Sim simply 'wore his heart on his sleeve' which made him 'vulnerable to all sorts of allegations'.Alastair Sim played the 'perfect Dickensian character' in the 1951 film Scrooge, alongside Melvyn Johns The truth would have deeply shocked them - for within a year their relationship had developed into 'something more serious', so much so that Sim told her they would be married when she reached the age of 17.