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“All of the decisions are down to me and I’m quite indecisive anyway,” she said.

By Julia Hunt, Press Association Entertainment Reporter Stars attending the Brit Awards will be given white rose pins to show support for the Time’s Up movement against harassment and gender inequality.

When we meet Frankie Sandford, she is all giggly and chatty – and it’s little wonder she is full of beans as she has just rekindled her romance with Mc Fly star Dougie Poynter after a two-month break.

Mollie King has said that she’s “nervous” to hit the Strictly dancefloor as she’s used to having girl band The Saturdays to back her up.

The pop star, 30, is launching her solo career at the same time as attempting to learn the foxtrot and the tango in “intense” rehearsals for the new series of the BBC dancing show, which starts on Saturday.

‘Ashley has found a good pal in Frankie, he really enjoys her company.’ ‘She is fond of him as well,’ they added.

The Saturdays singer recently split from her Mc Fly boyfriend Dougie Poynter, and has since also been linked with JLS star Aston Merrygold – whose bandmate Marvin Humes is coincidentally dating fellow Saturday Rochelle Wiseman.During their split, the pair were hounded by photographers, and rumours even circulated that Frankie had dated a string of men, including Aston Merrygold, Calum Best and Ashley Cole. “I never dated any of those men, but everyone thought I did. I had to take a break and step away from it for a while.” When we ask Frankie what was most upsetting, she says it was being linked to Cheryl Cole’s husband Ashley. talks to the Saturdays star about her reunion with Dougie, 22, and why she prefers to be distanced from Mr Cole…The 21 year old shares the same manager as Cheryl, so the misunderstanding was quickly cleared up. It was embarrassing when photographers caught me crying at the hotel. ” We are shooting the video for our new single in Marbella this week.“I hope that I can open up more because I feel like a lot of the time people don’t really get to know me and my personality is kind of hidden behind the music, which is totally understandable,” she said.“Hopefully I’ll just be able to have fun and enjoy it and I hope the viewers do as well.” She’s already set up a Whatsapp group with her fellow contestants including Debbie Mc Gee, Alexandra Burke, Ruth Langsford and Rev. “We’re already chatting on it and its booming, people are chatting on it all the time, sending pictures and taking the mickey out of each other,” she said.‘Really upset and angry by the story in The Sun,’ she posted via her Twitter page this morning.