“When I was a kid,it didn’t really bother me,” he tells PEOPLE. But I knew when I became a teenager it was going to be a big problem.” Because of his condition, the U.

Andrew Wardle was born with bladder exstrophy, an abnormality that caused his bladder to form on the outside of his body, leaving him without a penis.

After 40 years of keeping his condition a secret, he is now sharing his story in a new documentary on TLC.

As the Director of Matchmaking, she oversees every clients membership to make sure that they are all on track to finding love.

Alison has an active life outside of work, as a full time soccer mom to her teenage daughter, and a new baby boy. They enjoy traveling together, spending time with their families and taking their dog for walks in Elmwood Park.

Omaha Love is a modern matchmaking service that was founded in 2009 by Courtney Quinlan.

She felt that singles in Omaha and the surrounding areas deserved a fun, safe way to be exposed to other like minded individuals.

Courtney truly believes that there is someone out there for everyone, and her success rate proves that to be true.

She is matchmaker and recruiter for our Platinum Members.

“Nothing there.” As he grew up, reality took its toll.

When he was a teenager he started taking drugs and partying to escape from the lies and embarrassment.

Courtney is an Omaha native, and is well-connected within the city, having graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2005 in Communications.