The Advance button that normally brings you to the end of a recorded program will become the "30-Second-Skip" button: If your Ti Vo plays three Thumbs Up "blings" in a row, the Advance button is now reprogrammed to skip forward by 30 seconds.

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Although not supported by Ti Vo or equipment manufacturers, larger drives can be added.

All standalone Ti Vo systems have coax/RF-in and an internal cable-ready tuner, analog video input—composite/RCA, and S-Video—for use with an external cable box or satellite receiver.

You'll hear three thumbs-up blings, and your Ti Vo will briefly display the words, "Back doors enabled!

" (To disable back doors, reboot your Ti Vo.) Next, to enable sorting, head to the Now Playing screen and enter the following sequence: Slow-Motion, 0, Record, Thumbs Up You'll again hear the three thumbs-up blings and see a menu bar appear at the bottom of the Now Playing list, stating "Press Enter for sort options".

Audio is RCA stereo, and the DVD systems also have digital optical out.

Some Ti Vo systems are integrated with Direc TV receivers.

If you have an older Ti Vo, you too can sort your "Now Playing" list. If you're running Ti Vo OS 3.0 (to find out the version of software running in your Ti Vo, go to the 'Messages & Setup' menu and select 'System Information'), follow these steps: Head to either the Browse By Name or the Search By Title screen, where you can enter letters and numbers.

Enter the following code as shown, including the spaces between characters (backdoor codes for other Ti Vo OSs can be found in button.

It's unlikely that you'll stumble on any of the combinations we're about to reveal by accidentally sitting on your remote.

But once you know their secrets, they're easy to find--and fun to play with.

We'll begin at the basic couch-potato level, but will move progressively further toward serious hacking on the workbench.