This is a mandatory orientation on the first night of classes for the fall session.

EVERYTHING is new this session from the website to audition policies to ticket sales so you NEED to be there!

Students will be introduced to skills needed to expand their imaginative powers, learn how to use movement in acting to breathe life into characters, how to break down a script and much, much more!


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“Sex doesn’t necessarily come up during our pre-discharge classes,” says physical therapist Joan Drevins, Education and Research Program Coordinator for the Department of Rehabilitation Services at BIDMC.

You will be notified if the artistic team would like to see you for callbacks.

Please visit the scholarship page for full details, deadlines for submission, and application forms.

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Students will receive individualized instruction from Mr.

Hallstrom, and work in developing their own character through monologue techniques, take that instruction and continue further characterization by adding music & choreography.

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