Sorry, but Avast Cleanup Premium gets a zero star rating from me. Did you put in a ticket with our support for premium products?

updating avast-68

I know this might sound like a silly question, but I am particularly caution when trying new things on my PC.

I am on a 20 day free trial with the Avast Internet Security service.

I have noticed a feature called: "Cleanup Premium" under the 'Performance' tab.

The contents it recommends to remove to improve the performance of my PC are: Junk Files, Redundant Apps, Inefficient System Settings and Obsolete Registry Entries.

Had Avast talked to Bobcat016 initially, perhaps they could've identified a possible conflict that their program encountered with Snagit and noted it for future reference.

But not taking a more active approach sort of leaves a bitter taste from that experience.

Hi Avast AVG Team Thank you for your reply last week, which sounded encouraging.

I would be willing to modify my criticism if Avast Cleanup ever starts working properly.

When I've get some spare time I might go and investigate individual entries from the list, and remove them manually if I think it would make a difference.