Visual "Paleography" which studies the history on Latin Lettering, beginning with "Artificial Uncial" in use around 500-999 CE (Pre Medieval).

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So writing, as we know it, seems to have come through three main stages. "Light," "heat," "brightness," and "day." This was used by the Sumerians, Chinese and the Egyptians.

The third stage is of course, the phonetic type of writing, such as we use now.

The Goths were just one of a large number of Germanic tribes and confederations which expanded their influence in Europe as the Roman Empire began to implode from the 4th Century AD. The great wall of China was built to keep them out. After all, it was a way of changing sound into visual speech. That is why the ancient peoples thought that writing must have been invented by the gods.

The "Huns" began to ravage and pillage small villages as they traveled west towards "Rome". Also the priests were the ones who usually did most of the writing and got a big reputation for doing it.During twelfth to the sixteenth century Gothic script prevailed, and still has a representation in the characters of the German language.These were the characters used in the famous "Black Letter Books," as the first books published in Germany imitated the heavy lines of the Gothic script.There was too much of a connection between these markings, pagan religions and magic. This compilation of attractive and versatile Gothic fonts includes such classics as Academy Text, Antique Black, Church Text, Engravers Old English, Libra, Nicolini Broadpen, Rhapsodie, and more - typefaces that confer power and dignity with their every use.In a way, writing goes back further than just to the ancient tribes of the Middle East. Set features one CD-ROM containing 24 different, complete, and fully scalable fonts in True Type and Postscript Type I formats, and a large-format 48-page book showing every image on the CD-ROM for easy reference.These dynamic, copyright-free alphabets are ready for instant use in newsletters, on posters, signs, and in a host of other print projects.