The artwork on the walls depicted scenes from the legends, fantastical creatures of the forest and beautiful Celtic dames.Under my bed were drums fashioned out of wood and leather that looked like they’d been plucked right out of the Middle Ages.Until recently, I was unaware that there are many locations in Brittany that are closely associated with the legend of King Arthur.

By day I walked or cycled around the region, visiting the various sites that the area is known for.

And by night, I was staying in a home replete with infusions of folklore and fantasy.

They have an ever-growing inventory of costumes, including leather and metal armour, weapons, tools, and other props and accessories.

During the summer, they meet every week to practice complex choraeographies so as to deliver high-quality, high-energy (and credible) fighting scenes.

It’s a common enough situation that is untroubling to some, but extremely bothersome to others.

For Enora, it was something she wanted to deal with before moving forward with her ivy project.

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For the past two weeks I’ve been slowly making my way south through Brittany, a beautiful region which lies in the northwest part of France.

Now, as it turns out, Enora has another passion, and this is one that she doesn’t share with her husband – I’m talking about tattoos, of course!