The Circassian Muslim tribes fought the Russian empire in the Caucasus for more than 100 years.

In 1864, their land was occupied resulting in the displacement of most of the people.

The most unlikely pair at Shiz University find themselves having to share a room in their final year before graduation.

But despite trying beginnings, Elphaba and Galinda find friendship in the last place either of them would have guessed.

Isolated from the world Elphaba is content being left alone, until a certain Gillikinese girl enters her life.

While a romance slowly unfolds so grows the societal tension within the city’s walls.

Her final year of high school was meant to be a walk in the park.

That was until someone decided to throw a wrench in her plans in the form of Elphaba Thropp, a new student enrolled via scholarship.Glinda is still picking up the pieces of both her heart and the land of Oz. Elphaba might be alive, and Glinda can't help but follow up the information, even if it isn't true.She'd risk life and limb to find the chance that her best friend is alive.Ten years is a long time, but some love never truly dies.It is rumored that the bell ringer of Notre Dame has skin as green as sin.Shiz is a long way from home, and with no one else who quite understands the green girl and the blonde sorceress the way the other does, it's so simple to cling to each other, even amid horrible headmistresses and Arjiki princes and midterms.