If you are not prepared to create your own Excel calendar and can make the most use of a continuous monthly calendar, then Vertext42 has a great one.

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We have compiled several different Excel templates that you may find handy in your projects.

For simple project timelines, Microsoft’s template website has two very nice options.

Enter the current year and all days and dates will adjust accordingly.

Then just add your meetings, appointments, and reminders for a unique calendar view, complete with a notes section.

They will be saved automatically to your One Drive.

You can then either continue to work with them online or open them in Excel.

While these templates are not as detailed as a Gantt chart, they can provide a quick overview of the project for others to see at a glance.

Keep in mind that these are available once you sign in with your Microsoft account.

Just enter your meetings, deadlines, and other items and you will have an easy view of each month of the year on one tab.

Microsoft has an attractive any year calendar with a separate tab for each month.

This data will then automatically populate into the timeline.