Your online success will actually depend on your understanding of it.

I’m writing this Wealthy Affiliate review so you could make an informed decision if whether or not WA is the best place to start your Internet marketing journey.

Please take note that I’ve said “Internet marketing journey” and not “making thousands of dollars by next week or next 2 months”.

This is a strong reminder that making money online is not a get rich quick scheme.

Go and check out Wealthy Affiliate and you won’t see any images of Ferraris, mansions, piles of money, girls in bikini, etc. Kyle & Carson (owners of WA) are not gurus because they don’t sell dreams.

One benefit that I really like in their keyword tool is its ability to give you an estimate of the keyword’s competitiveness.

You can actually figure out a keyword’s competition manually as you just need to put the keywords in quotes and click up to the very last page.Even though I highly recommend WA, their training program is not 100% perfect.In this review, I’m going to list down the pros and cons because I want you to be aware of these issues.With the WA keyword research tool, all I need is to do is just click a link and it will just pop a window out with the information I need.Many members are using the WA hosting platform but I’m not one of them.If you still have the “get rich quick” mindset and still believe that there’s some secret money making method or software that will be the answer to making money online, then please don’t waste your time in reading this Wealthy Affiliate review.