I married one, but one thing I have noticed is he looks at a mirror a lot more then I would ever. For example I got a what he considered designer (although it's only guess, so not really designer, not like Prada or something ) in the states when we last visited and when I carry it he always insist the side with the label is the side I should have out for people to see.I personally could care less if anyone sees the label, but i am also from the states so to me its the same as look at me, I have a brand name, I must have money come rob me! The negatives but only mildly so, he gets jealous easily and he is pretty protective of me, but I don't mind that. He is the eldest/only son, but his mother has a grandson through her daughter so there's none of the dramatics I've read about dating a first-born/only son. So when we hang out we mostly just watch movies, drink wine, and chill.It’s better on both sides to leave well enough alone.


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I was just curious what other women have noticed whether your dating a Korean guy or like me married one. The over materialistic women and self obsessive men are made for each other. I date all races but native Koreans just think too differently. We go out in public and he's never shied away from holding my hand or acknowledging my presence. I am right crap in the kitchen, and I made that known at the outset.

Never would I ever want to date a native Korean again. I may try again who knows, but it really just seems like a hassle I don't want to deal with. I just tend I find more success with Western Koreans or native Koreans that spent 15 or 20 plus years abroad. He likes to read philosophy/psychology/economics books. Granted, they're in Korean, but because I read similar fare in English the subject matter makes its way into our disjointed conversations. He has said it's not a problem, and thus far, it hasn't been.

The hell he and I went through together doesn’t negate the joy you have now. We worked through issues together that have made him a more considerate boyfriend or husband To my readers: If your man is communicative, caring, and observant, chances are there’s a mother, sister, or ex-girlfriend who helped him along the way.

There’s not a single ex-boyfriend of mine with whom I’d want to get back together, but I have a genuine interest in their well-being.

I’d rather be cool with your creeping than completely unnerved.

If that’s not your jam, please have the decency to . You don’t need to control with whom he communicates. If your relationship is strong, it’s due in part to the fact that I made him ready to love you and that you’re a better fit together than we ever could have been.

Are you part of a trend or are you different, special – an outlier?

Are you far enough outside the particular set of previous patterns and failures to stand the test of time?

What about the longstanding current girlfriend, fiance, or even wife, though? What use is it to look back on something which ended so very long ago? Why does my ex boyfriend’s current love want to know about daily activities now when he and I ceased all contact 7 months ago?

I’m sure there’s a small part where the “winner” can take perverse pleasure in popping up and rubbing it in your face that she’s enjoying your old memories.

A jealous, pissed off, or threatened woman does better research than the FBI, CIA and Secret Service combined.