An Indian government report presented to parliament on Monday has found that about 63 million women are statistically "missing" from India's population, due to a preference for male children.The survey, presented with a pink cover, included a chapter on women's issues for the first time - with the slogan #Me Too in recognition of the global campaign against sexual harassment.

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About 21% of almost 600 prisoners had tuberculosis.

In prisons in the North East, 16% of inmates tested were positive for hepatitis C and about 3% had tuberculosis.

Critics complain if it becomes law, it could be used as a tool against Muslim men and wouldn't help Muslim women.

() The World Economic Forum has taken big steps to promote gender equality.

Power to Indian women entrepreneurs In January 2015 the Indian government launched "Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter,” a campaign aimed at improving gender inequality by creating awareness and changing social norms around daughters.

The Supreme Court's ruling that having sexual intercourse with a wife aged under 18 is rape marks a big step forward in the fight against child marriage and sexual abuse of minors. () India's Supreme Court has banned a Muslim law that allows men to divorce their wives by saying the word "talaq" three times.

In some cases, women were left destitute after receiving "triple talaq" Whats App messages.

() A list of alleged sexual predators, comprising mainly professors from Indian universities, was recently posted and spread virally on social media, once again shining a spotlight on the issue of sex crimes in India.

Some comparatively wealthy areas, including New Delhi, have fared worse over the years.

"India must confront the societal preference, even meta-preference for a son, which appears innoculated to development," the report said.

The rate of HIV infection among the general adult population is much lower at 0.28%.