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A stretch that has been dominated by rumors of unrest, ugly results and orange seats on game day.

You can follow me on Twitter for sports information and analysis, but not a game-by-game recap of the attendance for the 1995 Browns.

In 1983, Pat Benatar declared "love is a battlefield," one of the truer phrases ever to be laid down on wax.

Unfortunately, the ongoing war is one that's highlighted whenever Valentine's Day approaches.

Checking in as the third-worst since 1995 is the 12-9 overtime loss to the Titans in Week 7.

Regardless of what the Browns' record-keepers decide, the actual announced attendance average for the 2017 Browns is 62,592 for five games.

World War II started when she was only five years old, resulting in her being evacuated from London to the countryside to escape the aerial bombardments of London three times during the war.

Although this may have saved her life, each foster family differed greatly and she was sexually harassed by one of the foster families that she lived with.

Prior to Sunday, that was Cleveland's last game at First Energy Stadium, since a loss to the Vikings on Oct.

And if you go back to the final five games of 2016, you'll notice that two other contests barely had announced crowd figures of 60,000.

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