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White woman dating black man illinois Xxx tex chatting

I mean there are highs & lows for everyone -no matter the color.

That said, black women may very well outnumber our black counterparts thereby creating a "shortage" no matter where you reside.

Chicago is home to a plethora of all types of black guys - good bad & ugly.

But the sheer man to woman ratio may mean that your chance for a busy dating life may be minimal.

With the population density of whites & blacks at opposite ends of the city, its no surprise that you dont/wont see much co-mingling.

Areas with white yuppie populations boast high numbers of ammenities & social outlets that arent seen in other areas of the city.

I am open to all races, but my experience with white guys is that they are usually shy and afraid to ask black women out. Its been my experience that men are visual creatures, so if a non-black gentleman finds you attractive, instinct will motivate them to reach out to you.

If I can find a white guy who is not afraid to ask me out, I'd date him. What tends to be the biggest roadblock to interracial pairings in Chicago is the social/cultural divide between the races.

Dating is very important to me and I want to love (and be loved lol) N. I would like this question to be answered primarily by black women since dating can sometimes be challenging for us (see the numerous articles that have been written about black women being the least married demographic in the United States) but if anyone has any good advice, I am all ears.