Any filter or sort order applied to the form would also be applied to the recordset. Book Mark 7 Else 8 Msg Box “Could not find Customer with a name that includes ” & _ 9 txt Find Customer 10 End If 11 Set rst = Nothing End Sub Notice on line 2 I use the Me equivalent of the form, I’m a big fan of Me, it allows me to copy my code to other projects with ease.Recordset Clone Example This kind of recordset is used when you don’t want the data on the form to change. Find First “Customer Name Like ‘*” & txt Find Customer & “*'” 5 If Not rst. As you can see, it only takes one line to open the recordset, then I move it to the first record and start my search.Then I got an Error 3704 but I realized that the record was actually correctly inserted.

current recordset does not support updating vba-16

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Here is how I would use it: Private Function Test ADODB() Dim rs as ADODB.

Connection String = "Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=Server SQLExpress,1433; Initial _ Catalog=My DB; User ID=johndoe; Password=password" . State = ad State Closed Then Msg Box "Can't open connection.", vb Information, "Error:" End If End With Set rs = New ADODB. Open My Recordset When I need to open a ADODB recordset in my code I use this procedure to connect, get my data, and then disconnect.

Advantages to my approach Free Code To use the code, first open it here, then copy and past it into a new module.

What I came up with was a central location to open my recordsets and for executing SQL commands using two function calls: Open My Recordset and Execute My Command.Nun mchte ich nicht, das die Tabellen fest in der Frontend verlinkt sind. Dann erzeugst Du eine Variable "db", die ein ADO Connection Objekt erhlt - "db" verwendet man im Regelfall fr Current Db bei ACCDB/MDB.Ich habe auch schon erfolgreich eine Connection zum Server bekommen und konnte die Daten auslesen, allerdings erhalte ich beim schreiben eine Fehlermeldung. Fr ein Connection Objekt hat sich "cn" eingebrgert - brigens auch bei VB. Sinnvolle Namensgebung, auch nach einem gewissen Standard, frdert die Lesbarkeit und macht es einfacher, einen Code zu debuggen. SQL Treiber Du verwendest "SQLNCLI" als Treiber - das ist gut, den sollte man auch nehmen (oder den neueren SQLNCLI10" fr SQL Server 2008).as illustrated below: Let’s assume you have a field called txt Find Customer on a form called frm Customers that allows users to type in any characters they wish to find a customer record. I finally use the bookmark property to sync the form with my search so that the user can see the record located.On the After Update event you can place the following code: Private Sub txt Find Customer_After Update() 1 Dim rst AS DAO. You will need a reference to DAO in your project in order to use the code above.SQL Server Issue SQL Server tables can hold millions of records, so searching for a partial name as shown above using a recordset can take a long time or not work at all.