But delve a little deeper and it transpires this trend isn’t just sad but totally messed-up. ow these conversations go has not been revealed - and Siri’s never tried to flirt with me - but somehow I can’t imagine she’s sending winky emojis and sexy selfies back.

Netiquette, Why am I not surprised that you wouldn’t divulge the whole truth about ‘dirty’ people on Pogo? Netiquette, 4/25/13) The fact of the matter is that there are just as many, and probably more, dirty women on Pogo.

The fact that you refused to mention this in your column proves your very sexist slant.

Probably for balance, yes, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.

And that may be an oversight, but it certainly does not make me a sexist.

Little did the lady in question know that my husband had for months been showing me the messages, gifts etc…

from this lady and had been trying to “nicely” tell her that no such relationship was going to happen in the end he did the drastic thing and blocked her from finding him on Pogo and from sending him messages.This is a machine that answers questions—about any of a broad, open range of topics.The same core technology that companies use to predict whether you'll buy and which ad you'll click is employed under Watson's hood to predict, given a question, whether a candidate answer is correct.Because of this, Siri’s underlying technology is designed to solve a different, simpler variant of the human language problem.Although Siri responds to an impressively wide range of language usage, such that users can address the device in a casual manner with little or no prior instruction, people know that computers are rigid and will naturally constrain their inquiries.In Britain, two-thirds of low paid jobs are still done by us, after all.