Nevertheless, it has been gathered that the beautiful woman was born as Elle Lauren Duncan in Atlanta, United States. The beautiful anchor began as an intern with the 2 Live Stews, on 790/The Zone.

The show she hosted was a syndicated sports talk show which of course seems to be her best line of expertise.

There is hardly any sports fan that is yet to be familiar or at least see the face of Elle Duncan.

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See Also: Crystal Marie Denha Spouse, Boyfriend, Wiki, Bio, Body Measurements Net Worth and Salary Considering the things that she has going for her including her bubbling career, it will be alright to assume that Duncan has a good net worth.

And yes, we believe she is netting a very good pay as her salary from ESPN.

Together with Sarah Davis, she co-hosted NESN Live Presented by Cross Insurance.

Although she stayed with the network for only 2 years, she handled more than an average Joe can.

She was arrested after driving at a high rate of speed while travelling to southbound on Piedmont Road.

The sports anchor who was said to have partied earlier that evening was driving a silver Mercedes at the time of the arrest. Beautiful and slim, Elle Duncan has a height that should be above 5 feet, even though she is more of average height that what most would consider very tall.

She was arrested for DUI and reckless driving charges on April 28, 2013.

At the time, she was still working as an Atlanta Hawks sideline reporter and 11Alive traffic reporter.

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Apart from doing her thing with the sports network ESPN, Duncan is also into other things including acting and writing.