The primary difference between a CD and standard savings account is that you have limited access to your money.CDs have a predetermined maturity date and if you withdraw your money before the maturity date, you typically face an early withdrawal penalty that forces you to forfeit some of the interest your account earned.Since money in a CD earns interest at a fixed rate, you might lose out if interest rates rise after you open your CD.

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CDs offer higher returns than savings accounts and more safety than investments such as stocks and mutual funds.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation can insure CD balances of up to $250,000, meaning you won’t lose your money even if your bank falls on hard times, as long as your bank carries FDIC insurance on its CDs.

CDs can offer interest rates that are slightly higher than money market accounts, especially if you commit to a CD that lasts longer than a year, but a money market account can be a good option if you might have to access funds before the maturity date of a CD. Hamel maintains a blog focused on massive open online courses and computer programming.

Gregory Hamel has been a writer since September 2008 and has also authored three novels. If you keep your money in the account until the maturity date, you get your original deposit back plus all the interest it earned.The main reason people save money in CDs is that they tend to offer higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts.Those online forums, and specialists are not speaking in tongues or gibberish they’re just fertility related acronyms. TN 8 (06-04)This a list of acronyms used in this subchapter: AC - Appeals Council ALJ - Administrative Law Judge AMS - acceptable medical source AOD - alleged onset date AR - acquiescence ruling CD - center for disability CDR - continuing disability review CE - consultative examination CEF — certified electronic folder CFR - Code of Federal Regulations CO - central office CR - consistency review CSR - conditional severity rating DAA - drug addiction and/or alcoholism DDS - disability determination services DE - disability examiner DHU – disability hearing unit DICARS - Disability Case Adjudication and Review System DLI - date last insured DPB - disability processing branch DQB - disability quality branch EDCS - Electronic Disability Collect System EF — electronic folder EM - emergency message EOD - established onset date FO - field office IOD - interim onset date MC - medical consultant MCS - medical consultant staff MCS - modernized claims system MDF - modular disability folder MDI - medically determinable impairment MER - medical evidence of record MI - medical improvement MIE - medical improvement expected MINE - medical improvement not expected MIP - medical improvement possible MIRS - medical improvement review standard NH - number holder ODO - Office of Disability Operations ODP - Office of Disability Policy ODAR - Office of Disability Adjudication and Review OQR — Office of Quality Review PC - psychological consultant PER – preeffectuation review P. With a CD, you commit your money for a certain predetermined time, but the bank rewards you for the commitment with a higher interest rate than is available for a traditional savings account.