But I wasn’t completely saved from that selfish lifestyle until I met my girlfriend.We made each other really laugh a lot, which is quite unusual I think with the culture barrier.

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Now and then look at her and let her have the feeling of being cared. Talk about the topics that interest both you and your girl.

You can also repeat her opinions properly to show that you think the same with her.

Actually, two people with completely different characters can be close friends, lovers, husband and wife.

However, after soul communication and understanding of the fist period, you must obey the rule of fairness principle when meeting at the first time. If you talk too much about yourself and your family, the girl who is listening is likely to feel that you are a person who depends upon others.

I’ve been living in Vietnam a while now, relatively speaking. When I tell anybody new to town how long I’ve been here for, they always raise their eyebrows and give me a suspicious look, just as I used to do when I first arrived.

I never planned to still be here (over 6 years and counting…), though I have some friends who’ve stayed much longer. I did what most single foreign men do when they arrive in Vietnam. I thought it was cool then, but now I’m ashamed of that behavior, although it was a difficult habit to break.

But Vietnamese is so utterly dependent on accurate tone, it drove me mad (I often say beware of anybody fluent in Vietnamese, they must be either perverts or spies! I even started to suspect, in my expat paranoia, that locals were pretending to misunderstand my words just to annoy me!

Expats often complain about Vietnam and the way it’s different from their home countries.

Girls do not expect their husband to complain to them all the time when they come across some frustrating thing.

With the negative feeling, few girls want to continue the dating with you.

Sapa is a mountainous town in Northen Vietnam where you write poem, have your cameras on for most of your time, cheer over a community wine pot, learn to appreciate indigenous culture or just to escape Hanoi heat and city noise.