As an example, let’s say you are building a website for a business that has a menu section on every page of the website and they update it frequently.

Having to update each page the menu appears on is extremely inefficient. When your menu content changes, simply adjust the markup within the library item, and it will be automatically be updated on all pages within seconds.

dreamweaver library items not updating-2

Dreamweaver library items not updating video

You can place anything you like in the description section as it is optional and for reference purposes only. Download Starbit Project File Adding a library item to your web site is very easy.

Once the library item has been created it can be added to the other pages of the website.

Library Items are global and can be added to any page.

Just note that any referenced files still need to be added to the project folder.

The instructions above are the way that I found is best to avoid this problem.

A library item is a file that contains blocks of code that you can place anywhere within your markup.

Open the page from the Star Bit theme and using the Top Nav Starbit library item from above, select from the beginning Nav tag to the closing Nav tag and delete it.

Now where the code was displayed we need to insert the library item.

When saving a library item: These options will control what happens when making a change to the markup of any library item.

The process can be automated by setting the option to Update Current Project or left to manual by selecting Do Nothing.

Click the Library tab and select the Nav Starbit library item.