Greta Garbo called homosexual affairs "exciting secrets." And if you were "one of the girls," as early Hollywood described Sapphic stars ranging from the great Nazimova to Marlene Dietrich, Tallulah Bankhead, and Garbo herself, exciting secrets lent both your life and your art its edge.

Lesbian affairs, it was widely felt, were good for you.

A memorial in Berlin to the thousands of homosexuals persecuted by the Nazis shows a continuous film of a kiss between two men.

A final decision on the lesbian kissing film will be taken in the coming weeks.

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Plea for fighting discrimination among the discriminated - lesbian migrants in intercultural projects and lesbian organisations in Germany (German)We have published two posters and three postcards in Persian, Turkish and German.

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But Holocaust experts point out that no lesbians were targeted in the Third Reich.

Alexander Zinn, a board member of the foundation that maintains the former Nazi concentration camps near Berlin, said such a move would ‘distort history’.

They expanded your emotional range, nurtured your amour propre, kept your skin clear and your eyes bright, burnished your acting skills, and even—as director Josef von Sternberg believed— exerted a powerful androgynous magnetism through the camera's lens, attracting the unwitting desires of both men and women in the audience through the dim, smoky air of the movie house. In that unenlightened age, secrecy about affairs placated bluenoses, deflected jealousies, and protected reputations, as well as adding its own thrill. And when I began my long trek into the Sapphic Hollywood of the first half of this century, hoping to unveil a history long buried beneath the Victorianism "the girls" so boldly defied, I quickly discovered that lies—their lies—blocked my path at every turn. And as a Washington journalist for thirty years—ten of them spent as a daily gossip columnist who received far more sensational information, true and false, than I could ever print— I had made a useful discovery: One big, proven lie reveals far more than dozens of widely reported "truths"—once you understand why it was told. And so, over the five years I devoted to this book, I turned armchair detective.

This rule, in my experience, applies to politics, sex, war, diplomacy, White House scandals, social invitations, funeral orations, almost everything in Washington. Whenever I could document a consistent unnecessary lie, I fished more intently in the waters around it than elsewhere, hooking in as many sources as possible, arranging events in the correct sequence to determine cause and effect, applying what I knew to areas I did not know, and slowly triangulating my way toward the truth.

He added: ‘Historical truth must remain the focus.’ The inclusion of the women in the memorial is the result of pressure from lesbian groups in Berlin.

Mr Zinn and other Holocaust scholars have written a protest letter to culture minister Michael Neumann and Berlin's openly gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit protesting the planned film-switch.

My hope was not to "out" my girls—of whom I became very fond— but to understand their minds, their lives, and the times and contexts in which they lived—social, sexual, theatrical, political, and even cinematic.