In real life, women in Germany d'not want to look sexy.But when they go out to the restaurant or theater, they dress well.

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It is so common and natural that not even discussed.

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With the exception of Reichsführerin Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, no women were allowed to carry out official functions, however some exceptions stood out in the regime, either through their proximity to Adolf Hitler, such as Magda Goebbels, or by excelling in particular fields, such as filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl or aviator Hanna Reitsch. Clara Zetkin, a prominent leader of the German feminist movement, was a Member of Parliament in the Reichstag from 1920 to 1933 and even presided over the assembly in the role of Dean.

While many women played an influential role at the heart of the Nazi system or filled official posts at the heart of the Nazi concentration camps, Under the Weimar Republic, the status of women was one of the most progressive in Europe. But Weimar did not represent a huge leap forward for women's liberation.

Their choice of clothes is mostly convenient and comfortable, but not always feminine. They prefer baggy clothes, which absolutely does not emphasize women's attractiveness.

It is not noticed because german women do not stick out their femininity and attractiveness.

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In their eyes, the Weimar regime, which they perceived as having a Jewish character, in effect appeared as feminized, as well as tolerant of homosexuality – the veritable antithesis of German virility.