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D Paul regularly called for an establishment of a University College However, no private donations to establish the University were forthcoming and the Corporation of Leicester was busy funding the School of Art and the Technical School.

The matter was brought up again by Dr Astey V Clarke (1870-1945) in 1912.

And in a similar style snap, a man with grey hair wearing a checkered shirt looks out at the Mediterranean-esqe sea from a hill top.

There are two further images: a portrait of a woman with long, brown hair who is wearing a white t-shirt and a denim shirt and a trio who appear to be in a restaurant.

Police initially said her death was unexplained after a post-mortem examination proved inconclusive, but began a murder inquiry after finding signs of a disturbance at her home in Fleckney, near Leicester.

A car was seen speeding away from her home late on Saturday night, smashing into other vehicles in the street as the driver made a getaway.The university established itself as a research-led university.It previously consistently ranked among the top 20 universities in the United Kingdom It is argued that the first serious suggestions for a university in Leicester began with the Leicester Literary and Philosophy society which had its interest in literature and, philosophy in the old sense, meaning science.She was fun, brilliant in a crisis and helped me when I was down.’She added: ‘It is very sad.She wasn’t a meek lady and would have tried to stand her ground if it was a robbery.’Miss Hings lived alone in a cul-de-sac and is said to have had little in the way of possessions.In most cases students sat the exam of the University of London.