And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle- man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers.In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.”– General Smedley Butler, one of the highest ranking generals in American history The subject of war and terror also relates to the New World Order, as this is often the overarching goal when it comes to the U. invading other countries or the elite creating chaos and terror in other countries.

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ALEC-backed legislation is not created “for the people,” but rather, designed so corporations can increase their profits and create loop holes so they don’t get in trouble with the law.

You can read more about ALEC in our CE article about the environmental and health issues involved with the company’s products (GMOs, herbicide Round Up, etc.). Big Pharma is another industry with close ties to the government.

However, if we shed light on this subject and explain to others how our political system actually works, then real, of freedom and “human rights,” because only without an overarching, elite-serving government could you truly have these things.

Related CE Articles: The Deep State Institutions That Control America, They Don’t Care Who You Vote For The Black Budget – This Is What The Secret Government Doesn’t Want You To Know A grim Ministry of Defense (Mo D) urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Federation has received notice from the US Pacific Command (PACOM) that “hostilities are likely to soon occur” throughout the entire Sea of Japan region—and that the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states is “directly related” to North Korea hacking the autopilot controls of a massive container ship, then crashing it into a US Navy destroyer killing, at least, 7 American sailors.Although the FDA has stepped in multiple times, sending pharmaceutical companies warning letters or even forcing them to take down their ads because they are false, misleading, and/or exaggerate the effects of their drugs, this is still an ongoing issue (source).Lobbying expenditures by the pharmaceutical industry have been increasing every year and hit an all-time high of 3 million in 2009.Big Pharma pressured the FDA to speed up their drug approval process, and this is what happened as a result. Check out this video that elaborates on the government’s ties to the dairy industry here. government spends billion annually to subsidize the meat and dairy industries, in comparison to only 0.04% of that on fruits and vegetables.The USDA has heavy ties to many advertisements and campaigns encouraging consumers to purchase meat. If the government didn’t benefit from meat and dairy sales, our recommended intake of animal products would look significantly different.The New World Order is the supposed goal of a handful of global elitists who are pushing for a one world government and a heightened national security state. military bases and big banks owned by the Rothschilds, with the exception of only a few countries.